Frequently Asked Questions

How will snow effect my gate?

A properly designed gate will have an adjustable and consistent pressure to keep the balance between excellent performance in winter and safe operation. We have over 30 years experience in making sure your gate will work well, and without issues.

How long does it take to open?

Opening speed is typically 12 – 15 seconds. This is long enough to keep the speed in the safe zone. Our state of the art long range radio controls will make sure your are not waiting for your gate to open.

How do I control my gates?

A typical installation will allow you to operate the gates with radio controls, key pad entry, your telephone, your cell phone, and an exiting vehicle detector. We understand everyone has specific needs, and our technical expertise will ensure your system fits your lifestyle.

How tall should my gate be?

Visually gates look best when the pillars or posts are roughly the same height as the highest point on the gate. Of course our scale drawings will help you choose a style that suits your particular property and terrain.

How much does a custom residential gate cost?

Our automatic custom gates are masterwork quality pieces designed to last the life of your property – but we will work with you to create a gate solution that fits your budget and vision for your property.

Looking to add or upgrades your existing gate?

Contact us to have one of our experts design and price your gate.

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