A Gate For Your Home

The second key benefit of a gate is the level of added security for your home that it provides. Prevention of vehicles simply ‘driving up’ to your house is both a prevention and a deterrent.

Having to deal with a gate increases the chances that undesirable traffic will simply move on to easier access homes. And adding features like voice intercom, remote operation and pass code security adds extra layers of security to your entrance.

A gate is more than good looks and better security. Its also about adding value to your home. Studies suggest that houses with entry gates can sell for more than comparable homes without gates. People often perceive a home to have more status and value simply because of the psychological impact of an entry gate. This is especially true when the gate is integrated into the existing landscaping on your property. Estate Advancements are experts at helping you select the best combination of elements for your unique property. Let’s discuss your ideas, or let us come to you with a few of ours!

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